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job, love, life

Somehow it seems that people seem to not understand the importance of slowing down and learning something definite. people go to college and learn by rote, and at the end wonder that they don't know anything substantial. One of the most important , and to my eyes the most unconvincing, reason given is that the the job just earns money and life is in reality something totally different. How we can afford to treat the job, where a person is going to spend most of his waking hours, with so much disdain, jus' has me beat.
It seems to me that learning is a process that begins when we accept and fall in love with a certain ideology, a idea, or simply a notion. The educational courses just show us what we are capable of- Different doors in a corridor...each leading into a different world...each world engaging...fascinating...filled with ideas and capable of more ideas begging to be discovered....each more vibrant than the rest. It must be this way...the alternative seems to be rather…