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forget-not....forget not

this post is to remind me that sometimes the long way is the only way and to search for a shorter way would disappoint, frustrate and more over add a hopelessness to life that one should never have to feel.

just a thought - part 2

the final objective of any profession is to make the profession null and void.
like, a doctors objective is to see the patient fully well, hence finally losing a patient.
a programmers final objective is to write a program to write programs. hence ending up with obliterating any further service on his/her part.
Of course, all these things are dependent on certain dynamic environmental variables, hence these conditions can never last. like, the patient can always get sick with a newer malady. in computers programming paradigms can always change..and so on and so forth...
The previous paragraph reminded me of Henry fords comment that to develop any industry needs to be in continous ferment. Ferment means to be in a state of agitation or of turbulent change or development. which is great, but once in while a person needs to slow down. just so to allow a period of analysis and self reflection, which will filter only the constructive, productive thoughts and hence refine the persons collectiv…