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Why am i studying electronics ?

This blog is to remind myself why i am studying electronics once again.
Bcoz i invariably keep forgetting this particular train of thoughts
1. Electronics forms the basis of computers.hence for any innovation to happen, the OS has to be hacked. Also, in the coming few years, there may be unconventional input devices, so device drivers will need to be written. To do so, electronis should be studied.
2. Electronics is a subject which will need innovation like in computer software.A *LOT* of scope.
3. Electronic items need to made cheaper. Great opening for entepreneurs. One more amazing reason.
4. I need to get into any college whose name starts with "Indian Institute of....". the one in Bangalore will do quite nicely, thank you.
5 II** becoz the college where i did my engineering (a local college) was ...all...balls.... also these colleges go along well with my line of thinking


Just watched the movie 'Dasvidaniya', It's about a guy who discovers that afflicted by cancer, has just 3 months to live, and being in the habit of making to-do lists everyday, makes a final to-do list - a list of things to do before he dies.
He completes most of the tasks set in it, and on the way, lives his life in the 3 remaining months. When he dies, he leaves gifts for everybody. Not really a different type of movie, but which sets it apart in a class of its own is the way it imitates real life, something that most movies aspire to, and very rarely reach.
One more first is the ending - which makes you feel subdued, nostalgic , thoughtful , warm and in a way....loved.