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In the right direction, perhaps ?

i've been toying around with a PHP framework called symfony. actually i wanted to know what MVC ( Model-View-Controller ) was, and i am really comfortable with PHP, so downloaded a copy and made a sandbox on my xampp htdocs directory. after i started playing around it just hit me that how much programming has simplified over the 12 years since i wrote my "hello world" program in c. where 150 people were needed to code a simple website back then, that too in about a year, now things can be done with just one or two programmers in about a fortnight. i think thats awesome. computers are finally doing what they were invented to do - to reduce human work.
one really interesting thing is the askeet tutorial. here they guide you through making a replica of their site over 24 days, with each tutorial taking not more than one and a half hours to completely understand and implement. Also the symfony site itself is created on symfony, and that's really cool.
ok, what hit me even …