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Rebirth ?

We wait , we hope , we want. we do everything except that which makes us human - the act of creation. innovate , invent , discover. words that resonate with the most precious of the human spirit.
i had been hoping for a better world, a better bet, a better this and a better that. i forgot, about what made me unique in my childhood and college. the power and ability to do things my way. i forgot that once i was out of the herd, even if i join back, i will always be the odd man out. Worse, i wanted ( unconsciously ) the freedom that i will never get from the herd, with it's sanctions, plans, rules, social mores and other methods of maintaining a front and an illusion of security and wellbeing . i was born to be unique ( like everybody else in this world ), but the difference is that i have had a taste of what i could be. it is a taste immediately acquired and once acquired, next-to-impossible to get rid of. i figured it out, i think.