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Learnings from the failure of

Sometimes, i like browsing sites that i made. it gives me a sense of achievement. Today i browsed over to site to be rudely greeted by a redirection to blueline computers. Would have been nice to get a notice from the owner, but i guess he didn't find the time. Anyway, a year back when talks of redoing this site were going on, i remember clearly telling yathiraj (the owner) that the site would be a better online store than a social network. but since i'm paid for doing what i am told to do and not to shoot my mouth off, i stopped advising him and concentrated on delivering the site. after that, things turned sour due to payment issues.
At that time online shopping was not such a great thing and facebook was everybody's vice. But the idea of being a warehouse and low margins at big scale without the overhead of a pricey showroom was pretty amazing. its still amazing now, but quite honestly, i have enough on my plate so as to not to dabble in this.
however i usually tak…

Books, Business, and Steve Jobs. A tribute.

This post is a tribute to Steve Jobs. I know that its been a long time, and i'm late and a thousand different things and so on, but I didn't want to rush things and lose the chance to say something I really felt about this man who has radically changed the way we look at things.
I had been to the local stationary shop here in Manipal since my brother wanted to buy a few books. After we had done our thing, we looked around the shop to see what else was new. As we were staring at a 6-in-one book which carried a huge price, the shopkeeper came up to show us this book even as we said we were not going to buy it. This book had plastic sheets that one could attach to the spine of the book. The high price of the item was due to it allowing the lucky owner to decide on the allotment of pages per subject. As we were coming out, i started thinking of how things have changes since i was a kid. Back then we had just a handful of choices and our page size was decided by either an imaginary…

Me, Sherlock !

A long time ago, about a year back, my broker ran off with about a couple of lakhs belonging to me. This guy was a sort of pimp for my software crafting services, and since my need has never been much and I am by nature a frugal spender, this didn't affect me much. However, I did ask around as to what caused the stupid wanker to run off and learnt that the idiot owed people money to the tune of about a crore. well, i stopped there since there's no point in crying over spilled milk and all that.
However, a week back i decided that there must be some trace of what had happened since on the net. this was because the fellows name wasn't coming up on any front, either here or in b'lore, where he was rumored to be. in my dealings with this fellow i had already decided that this chap was not intelligent enough to do something complicated, but had a low animal cunning, with a fear of authority, but would cross the line of the law if it didn't involve killing or ( physical…