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why are friends friends?

because at a certain point people whose list of priorities intersect meet and having similar interests share everything. hence these are called break this friendship, all one has to do is introduce a priority that overshadows the others in any one of the persons involved. Sometimes more priorities need to be added.
however in some rarest of rare cases, the friendship itself becomes a priority. in this case, a priority needs to be introduced which has directly strongly opposing opinions from both parties. this would cause the priority list to change dramatically, hence causing a rift between the 2 participating entities.

....wanderings of a calm mind ?

i just changed the description of my blog. i was contemplating doing so from quite some time. specifically from about the time i started my second year in MIT.
There is something about this place that strangely enough, makes it home. the food is bad ( not really, but even good food tastes bad if eaten repeatedly ), the attitude of most locals is screwed up ( Most people i've met in udupi and manipal wont go the extra step to make things favorable for customers. Take it or piss off is the patented formula here ) , everything is a rip off ( the rickshaw wallahs are a bunch of cut-throat bastards ) . But still, out here i have had the most fun and done the most studying. some of my lecturers are amazing people and some of my fellow students are more so. There are people here who would gladly stay up overnight to code up something or complete something or simply get drunk. to each his own. and most of these people are committed to his/her art/craft. Even the lecturers ( and the drunk…