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Mind and Friendships

This post seems to be ( atleast in my mind ) a long one. but before i write about the topic of the blog post, i would like to describe my opinions of connected topics which will lead to the actual post.

First let us look at the growth of the mind as a graph covering fixed points, each of which are a topic of knowledge.

A person's mind, at the beginning of life is like a line ( connecting 2 points, hunger and mother's breast ) which comes into existence only at some points and otherwise is simply a blank. after a few months, the lines become more permanent and stressed. after some more time, as the child grows and learns and understands more things, some more points add to this. if we imagine our mind to be the space enclosed in these points, then we would have a multidimensional graph. (think a really very weirdly shaped object.). However, the
"The mind, once expanded
to the dimensions of larger ideas,
never returns to its original size." -Oliver Wendell Holmes (link)