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Wicktionary Bookmarklet

A bookmarklet is defined by Wictionary as "A small piece of JavaScript code stored as a URL within a bookmark". I have been using bookmarklets to make my life easier from a long time.Some that I use regularly are [Read Now] : This makes it really easy for me to read pages which are unreadable. [Google Translate] : Translates pages [Mobilise This] : Formats the page for mobile viewing by Google. [Acronym lookup] : This helps me find the meanings for abbreviations. The links in [] brackets are bookmarklets. Just drag them to your bookmark bar.I picked these up from thesetwo pages. There is also a whole website dedicated to them bookmarklets.As a developer, what i like about bookmarklets is that they are coded in JavaScript and i can meddle with them till my heart's content, without worrying about breaking anything.However, i wanted a bookmarklet that would allow me to look up meaning of words. Wiktionary was my open dictionary of choice. They did have bookmarklets, but I …