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Letting Go

Today as i was going through Hacker News, i came by a very, very interesting article.Friends Without Benefits . Somehow, i was touched by this article.  Its written by a woman about her relationship with a man she loved since she was 22, and how, finally, she could let go of it.
All of us have relationships that we need to 'let go' of. Let me talk about mine.
I had a friend. My best friend. I loved him like my brother. I cared about him. It hurt me when he was hurt, physically or otherwise. He was a little peculiar, but, then again, so was I.
Things went great till the end of that common phase of our life. After that, we went our separate ways. We lost touch for a brief interval. We did get back in touch again. But I was always the one reaching out. Maybe i just realised it now? Maybe it just started now? Maybe it was always that way?
But maybe I was seeing something that was not there? I decided to keep an account of my interactions with him. Just so that I was not being unf…