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2nd day at work

yesterday was pretty exiting.
morning went pretty fast as i ws still learning the software.
lunch was good. the naan and curry was excellent.
after lunch the exitement began. suhas called up and told me to catch a rick to indiranagar. the rickshaw guy loked like a crook, but turned out to be a helpful chap, even if slightly grumpy. anyway, ended up in symbiosys and installed Hirecraft (that's the software name !) on about 5 machines. then went to Shreyas. nice place.
on the way, i saw M.G.Road . Hmmm, that isn't what got my attention. there was this girl , no ! that isn't it either! . she had this bicycle with a The THREE POINTED STAR on it. i think i saw a mercedes bicycle! must be ultra rich - that cycle can buy a lot of mobikes.
came evening and i shifted. the new room is really small, but nice. the washbasin is sloped the wrong way, so the water keeps running away from the hole.
slept at 11:30PM. was totally dead to the world.

first day at work

i'm in b'lore. spent the day learning the hirecraft software. these guys just released a new version of their software and it was pure hell. it's also my first day at the job , so i guess the day didn't just go too smoothly, cause i had to learn the entire thing by myself. however the manual these guys provided, even though it was pretty minimalistic, was good and put me on the right track.
apparently there is going to be a party this evening, a bad thing. i hate parties, if i dont know the party goers. but i guess i'll have to "grin and bear it" since i dont know the way home.
i'm missing my people too, my brother the most.
went for the party , wasn't too bad. the food was pretty good. m'lore food still rocks and the bloody bangloreans dont have a clue about cooking chicken. Nakul, beg ,borrow or steal but for christ's sake get your pop to start a hotel here. i'm missing chicken ghee roast.

one more thing, i was supposed to post this yest…