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In the right direction, perhaps ?

i've been toying around with a PHP framework called symfony. actually i wanted to know what MVC ( Model-View-Controller ) was, and i am really comfortable with PHP, so downloaded a copy and made a sandbox on my xampp htdocs directory. after i started playing around it just hit me that how much programming has simplified over the 12 years since i wrote my "hello world" program in c. where 150 people were needed to code a simple website back then, that too in about a year, now things can be done with just one or two programmers in about a fortnight. i think thats awesome. computers are finally doing what they were invented to do - to reduce human work.
one really interesting thing is the askeet tutorial. here they guide you through making a replica of their site over 24 days, with each tutorial taking not more than one and a half hours to completely understand and implement. Also the symfony site itself is created on symfony, and that's really cool.
ok, what hit me even more forcefully is that if a layer were to be added atop this- some kind of GUI, maybe in flash or javascript. there is a chance to build some awesome application in even lesser time, and also if a person doesn't have programming knowledge, he can create a working, sturdy, standard compliant web application with minimal fuss. personally i think that's awesome. i need to think more on this topic. i have been thinking about this kind of programming ease from the time i graduated, but its finally looking really clear.
one more thing, i personally feel that the days of programming things are at an end. not completely, but the need to hire masses of programmers will very soon end, also, the internet or just networking are moving us to an age where the idea of programing can also apply to a common household electrical appliance.
when i was small i heard of a home genie system where devices could talk to each other. somehow with micro-controller programming making a comeback ( with the arduino/freeduino), i think this idea of interconnected devices will gain immense popularity in our collective immediate future.


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