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after god came programmers

This post is in protest of all the people who think programmers are a bunch of idiots. A computer was invented for the sole reason of eliminating the redundance of human tasks. It is a machine that imitates the human mind and action. In a way, it can be considered to be a mirror of the human mind. Yes i agree that in certain ways, all objects man-made are reflections of the human mind, but only the computer comes close to imitating it in such totality, without complying with the natural laws of nature. It is a presentation instrument; where thoughts are brought into reality. If a train of thoughts can be traced precisely, outlined concisely. It can be made into a program. It will do only that work, until taught to do something else, but will do it at a fraction of the cost and with near 100% accuracy. Also no allowances, strikes, overtime and productivity issues. Just a little bit of dusting and maintaining the flow of raw materials and electricity. This means that all, a…

About GATE, money and my life

2 days back i got my GATE result. I had not even qualified! This hurt like hell. I didn't even get my marks, which is disgusting.but this blog post is not about my failure. Failure it is, it is results which matter, which have not materialized. However while thinking about it,and contemplating on it, suddenly my thoughts had immense clarity. This kind of clarity has come recently only about 2 or 3 times, and each time the insight it has left me has decided my course through the foggy road called life. So this time i decided to put it on my blog. My preparing and facing the GATE exam was my 'easy' way to satisfy 2 goals, 1. End up as a researcher, so i would not get bored with life. And 2. find a (comparatively) easy way to make some good money without worrying about job security and dreary stuff like And money. That which is responsible for most of the problems in this world. it has a certain value in my life. What is that value? This i need to put int…